■Moist fire-CHAPTER1. Cocoon

Moist fire
CHAPTER1. Cocoon
                       Tawaraya Toshihiko

Snow was many days old, unresting. Snow is a group of buildings nutrient flourishingly, weary shadow widen. Polished Crystal like people to reject the path of the thick mud on the people to tuck out of malice. Walkable streets are scarce. In particular, crowded pedestrian street in the heart through shoes required.

I was hurrying toward dentistry. The mood was not always happy. What struck the first time in decades or toothache to bear. Sea to a large tsunami is surging, as the pain is suddenly beginning, and then the clock accuracy repeatedly came. The brain is emitting enough pain, long time.

Dental pleasure of the city hall said. Once a tooth is the treatment center, but then for the prevention of maintenance attention, and, once a month to check in the mouth it is settled. A few years ago a young engineer nursing teeth and gums with a thorough cleaning "beauty clinics" are popular and soon spread. And dirty mouth with a middle-aged men, the perfect place to relax and to transform.

Doctors cut from the town's shops were born, bearded sled to the ear to clean up now, because it is not strange. I have been through the treatment of dental clinic is now in the city to transfer dental, nursing unique engineer trimmed. Teeth relief to carve a new service, boomlet.

The waiting room of the teenage children are in a queue. Flashing Pierce's feelings to tell each other boys were, strangely quiet. They said any relief would like to be. 's Teeth embedded in a variety of toys to the girl, what it came for.

Well meet 40-year-old man around to find, I was relieved. He was smiling at me discovering the mouth of a seen as rosy. I also inadvertently flushed face. Dental imperceptibly, boys and girls working in the field of the body to become. Carve relief to the tune sounds faintly hear.

"It met?" "Well, today is the treatment. Morning and mouth in the sea of blood. Blood glossed milk," "I have been struck by sudden toothache. now, dental treatment to come is less! "" Dental city is the location of all pleasure now, "" But here is a teacher from the old because they know "and" If you want the nurses he also? mouth will be cleaned pleasure, to be addicted. "

In an hour's time, I entered the treatment room. For a while coming out of the virtual space of the atmosphere completely changed. The bed is placed in the grass. Cobalt blue sky spread, changed the shape of the clouds were as vivid as Qing too. Next to the bed and stared at the sky, why come here to forget.

"The treatment is a rare" and "toothache, a sensitive nerve.", "Maintenance is settled, toothache is rare now, but this is where the gum abnormal," "around, as a sudden increase I think, "" please wait. old tooth and the tooth compared to now. "," The sky is the unwearying "

"The results were." I was asleep. "Strange. Your back teeth, the surface is almost a hole in the absence of a large cavity inside. Nerve is exposed to," "inside the cavity. Like a cocoon like?" "Certainly empty cocoons alike. what is missing? ". The body, suspended faint.

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